You are NEVER Alone!!

Kevin Stevens

submitted by Rosemary Richardson-Parisi
We may not always understand the pain and hurt we might be growing through…a loss of a loved one, someone that might have deeply hurt us or just the feeling of loneliness…the enemy would love for us to feel and know that we are alone and there is no hope. He is a liar.
The truth is we are not alone. In fact, we are never alone no matter what comes our way. God’s word tells us that we are not alone. God loves you and He is always there to comfort us. We must hold on and remember this truth. He is Always with you….♥
Deuteronomy 31:8
“And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you: do not fear nor be dismayed.”
God's Heart

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Quasimodo Sunday

John 20.24-30   Here are some useless facts for you! This Sunday is often known in the church as Low Sunday. Why it’s called that isn’t exactly agreed upon. It might be because the passion, drama and wonder of Easter are over. Or it might come from a corruption of the first word of a [...]

Half throttle was to blame

Mustard Seed Budget

dad and don Dad and my brother, Don

My dad didn’t like football. He liked experimenting in Grandpa’s shop. He once tested if water conducted electricity and got a huge shock because he touched the metal water basin. There was no longer any need to put the second wire in the water to see if the light bulb lit up. Not only did the water conduct electricity, the basin did too.

One time he made model plane to fly. This was before the days of remote controls. You sent it up, it flew, and when it ran out of gas, it glided down. After days of laboring, he enthusiastically took his plane to an empty field in Glendale. He timidly set it at half throttle.

It took off and promptly crashed and broke. A plane, like the Christian, cannot get enough lift out of its wings without enough velocity. If you’re going to…

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God’s Reconciling Power!

Kevin Stevens


Submitted by Rosemary Parisi

Ephesians 4:32-Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.
In our walk with the Lord, there may be a time He will reveal to us broken relationships we may have in our lives and maybe those we didn’t even know were broken, for our good. Ones of disappointment, confusion and pain. The Lord had revealed relationships in my own life, that so desperately needed healing with friends and even with family, but I knew I could not do it on my own. Some I didn’t even know the reason why…
but God did.  
I cried out to God in prayer and time alone in His word and He continually revealed what He did on that Cross for me and for you. It is Jesus…It is He, who reconciles us. Little did I know, that He would place some of those relationships that once were broken, back into my life. The moments of fear and uncertainty…

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Easter – It’s not Christmas!

John 20.1-16     Well, are you ready to rush home and open your presents?           Are itching to get on with cooking the turkey with all the trimmings?   Are standing by for the arrival of the whole family for a party of crackers, paper hats, riddles and carols?   [...]

A Prayer for Holy Saturday

Each time we do not speak your name for fear of ridicule we deny you. Each time we do not bring your love into a situation we deny you. Each time we fail to see your face in friend of stranger we deny you. Forgive us, as you forgive all who humbly turn to you, [...]

A Prayer for Good Friday

A prayer for Good Friday Love did not die upon that cross but, arms outstretched, still welcomes us, the twisted thorns bejewelled with pearls of blood - a fitting crown for the one who is the Servant King, leading his people victorious through death’s dark vale into a promised land. Love did not die upon [...]