11 May – What to do this Sunday



This Sunday we are  thinking about meeting two disciples on the road to Emmaus. They were dispirited after Jesus’ crucifixion. And although they had heard about his resurrection, they just didn’t believe it! But now a stranger hurries after them and explains God’s whole plot.


They invite him in to eat and what do you the stranger turns into Jesus.


Please then walk along the Emmaus road see who you could meet………….

Take time to still the mind, slow the breathing and find quiet in your heart. You may want to contemplate the picture to the above.


Now read Luke 24.13-32; if you don’t have a Bible handy then click here.


Imagine the dusty road and your tired confusion at the whole business of Jesus’ killing and now loss of his body.


Think of someone coming up alongside and greeting you.


What do you talk about?


Imagine what he might say to convince you that Jesus death and resurrection is God’s plan.


What questions would you ask?


Invite him in for something to eat, let him bless you and then see him as if for the first time.


Now ask him for what you really need.


Slowly return now to the world that waits for you.


You could now pray..


It’s a rough road;

the growing and grieving,

the learning and living,

the losing and the loving,

the stumbling and the saving.

Still, amidst the blessings and the blisters,

you looked for me, Lord.

There were obstacles;

the rumours and the wrongs,

the doubt and disbelief,

the scandal and the scorn,

the bile and the betrayal.

Still, when hatred hid your humanity,

you found me, Lord.

Then there was bread on the table

and wisdom in your eyes

and love on your lips.

And, in a cascade of crumbs,

blind fears and blinkered doubts

scattered before your open hands,

and you knew me, Lord.

And in that divine discovery

a lifetime of loving was let loose

and my silent, stifled soul

shouted and was set free.

I’m glad you stumbled on me

on your way to that table, Lord.

I’m glad you recognised in me

something worth the seeking.

Look out for me again,

for I yearn to hear your words

tumbling again like grain.


(From Spill the Beans, Edition 11)


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