What to do this Sunday – Easter Day

crosses and lamb
crosses and lamb

Easter is not like Christmas! Since, over Easter we encounter all that is good and bad about being human. For we see cruelty, corruption and pain. But we also see compassion, accompaniment and sacrifice. Above all, we see God in the unbelievable acceptance of human nastiness and His ability to defeat the worst of all evils – death itself.


Please then walk with me into the Easter Morning Experience.

Take time to still the mind, slow your breathing and find quiet in your heart. You may want to contemplate the picture to the right.

Read about Jesus’ resurrection in Matthew’s Gospel (28.1-10)

If you haven’t a Bible handy – please click here.


You are walking towards the tomb in the very early morning.

  • Do you feel the earthquake?
  • Are you frightened of the guards or still just numb from the murder of your friend Jesus?
  •  You see the now open tomb – what are you thinking?
  •  Now imagine what the angel  and listen to his unbelievable news
  •  Rushing back to tell the others – are you joyful, perplexed or still scared?
  •  Suddenly, Jesus is in front of you – think what the meeting is like.
  •  You are holding on to him for all you are worth – then he tells you to do something.

What is it?


Slowly return to the waiting world and think about what Jesus asked.


Start by praying


Jesus is risen!

He is risen indeed!


May this declaration

resound not only in these walls

but touch the lives

of all we meet

and forever be

the truth of which we speak.


Your love,

once sown within a garden,

tended for your own people,

neglected and rejected,

now spreads its sweet perfume

in this place

and wherever it is shown.



Jesus is risen!

He is risen indeed!

Read more at: http://www.faithandworship.com/prayers_Easter.htm#ixzz2zKPxKKBV

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution


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