What to do this Sunday – 13 April

circle of believers round the light

If church is out for this Sunday, here is a short act of worship that can keep the spiritual tanks topped up!


faith is the light in your heartTake a few moments to find peace – maybe contemplate the words  in the box to the left.


Next read Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in Matthew 21.1-11

If you don’t Bible to hand, click here.





Now see the scene in your imagination; think about the heat, the press of the crowd and the overpowering feeling of excitement.  Ask yourself – how close are you standing to Jesus on the donkey?


Notice out the corner of your eye the secret police and informers taking note of who is there. Do you want to stay or get away fast? 


Suddenly, Jesus looks straight at you, what do you ask from him?


What does he want you to do in return? 


Take a few moments having a last look at the scene, then pray: 



Lord, sometimes I find it very hard to do the right thing as I know it to be in Your eyes.

I know it will hurt or disadvantage me, destroy my reputation or impoverish me, and I am afraid.

Strengthen me by the example of my fellow Christians of old who have been true to You to the end, and show me, as You showed them, that You will never leave me nor forsake me.




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